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Results for: Which Stoic Exercises have you tried so far?

*1)   Which of the following exercises in the Stoic Booklet have you tried so far this week? These all come from the A Day in the Life of a Stoic section of the Live Like A Stoic Booklet. These exercises were written by Donald Robertson. Please refer to  the booklet for full descriptions of each exercise. There is also a shorter description of each exercise below. You can take this survey as many times as you like. You can see from the survey what other people are trying. It may help choose a new Stoic exercise to try today. View results so far
Response (%) Responses
The View from Above. 7.77 22
Mentally rehearse generic precepts 9.89 28
Mentally rehearse any potential challenges of the day ahead 13.43 38
Praemeditatio Malorum. 4.95 14
Contemplation of the Sage 5.30 15
Mindfulness of the Ruling Faculty 8.48 24
Indifference & Acceptance 7.07 20
Evaluating Profit (lusiteles). 1.06 3
Cognitive Distancing. 5.30 15
Empathic Understanding 5.30 15
Physical Self-Control Training. 4.24 12
Impermanence & Acceptance 3.89 11
Act with the “Reserve Clause”. 3.18 9
Natural Affection (Philostorgia) & Philanthropy 3.18 9
Affinity (Oikeiôsis) and Cosmic Consciousness 3.18 9
The Retrospective Evening Meditation 8.48 24
Relaxation & Sleep 5.30 15
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