1. Have you used a local planning authority pre-application service in the last two years?
2.Have you used the pre-application services of more than one local planning authority?
3. If yes to question 2, would you say your experiences are similar or did they vary?
4. Would you agree that the main point of the pre-application process is to provide timely advice, to agreed deadlines, that covers all issues which might affect the planning decision?
5. Regarding timing: would you say that in your experience authorities meet the timetables that they have offered for their service?
6. If an authority has missed its deadlines in submitting its promised report on pre-application advice, has it offered to refund the fee paid for that advice?
7. Regarding advice given: in your experience has the advice provided covered all relevant issues including those that may not be planning policy matters [such as traffic]?
8. Have you ever found that a new issue which could (or did) lead to a refusal has been raised following the pre-application advice? Or that key specific advice (such as the accessibility of a proposal in principle) has been changed subsequently?
9. In your experience is the level of pre-application fee demanded proportionate and reasonable? (Please give examples below)
10. Do you think the Government should set limits on the level of fee for specific types of pre-application service?
11. Given that pre-application services are offered on a contractual basis, do you think that fees should be refundable when the service fails to either meet its deadline or the other criteria promised by a local authority?
12. Do you think that the Government should regulate/monitor the pre-application process as presently operated by planning departments in England/Wales/Scotland (say which please)? Or
13. Are you happy with the service and feel that authorities should continue to be allowed to provide it on the terms currently available?
14. Do planning authorities you deal with offer a free informal preliminary discussion with a duty planning officer? If so, have you found this service useful?
15. Do you as a general rule encourage clients to make use of formal pre-application services when available? If not why not?
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