Application for Affiliated Partner Status
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* Does the organization produce a voter guide?
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* Agreement

As Partner Organization, we agree to follow all iVoterGuide branding guidelines and to participate in the following engagement activities to receive FREE Affiliated Partnership Status:
  • Announcement of partnership via e-mail and social media.
  • E-mail and social media announcement each time a new voter guide becomes available, if applicable.
  • Website promotion of iVoterGuide on your website through iVoterGuide branded buttons or banners.               
  • Promotion of iVoterGuide through direct e-mail to members/users per verbal agreement. (Promotion may include information about any iVoterGuide releases, services, events, news, or resources and may be through links, buttons, banners, or textual content in the e-mail. (Banners and buttons will be provided by iVoterGuide; textual content must receive approval from iVoterGuide staff.)
  • Follow iVoterGuide on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn (@iVoterGuide).
  • Share and engage with iVoterGuide content on social as much as possible, such as through Facebook “likes” and “shares” and other cross-promotional activity on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.
* Additionally:

1. I agree that iVoterGuide will be the only voter guide survey my organization will ask candidates to complete. 
* 2. I understand that my organization may have volunteers apply to be panelists and have input on candidate evaluations.
* 3. I understand that evaluation panels will consist of vetted volunteers, some of whom may be associated with other partner organizations.
* 4. I understand that retains final decision authority on all candidate evaluations for all published voter guides.
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