Online Learning and Entrepreneurship

This survey is designed to understand the online training and development
needs of veterans starting or running a small business.
It should take no more than a couple minutes to complete.
Thanks in advance for your time.

For the purposes of this survey a "course" can be any form of online learning.
(topic study, self improvement class, certification, college studies, training)

I am...

Please rate the following online learning formats as to how they relate to your preferred learning styles.

(1 = I Hate it         2 = Not very good         3 = It's ok         4 = I like this         5 = I love this)

Watching a video at my own pace
Listening to a podcast
Having reference material to download or print
Participating in a live webinar
Membership site that offers various formats
Other format
Describe that

Of the format(s) that you like the most, what makes that appealing to you?

Of the format(s) you like the least, what makes that unappealing to you?
In the past, I have paid for online learning that used the following formats.
(choose all that apply)
The areas that I wish I could find specific information on are...
(check all that apply)
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