Online Open High School

Do you think current high schools provide almost the same learning experience?
Did / does your high school give you a less than ideal education?
Do you think the Internet can help provide an alternative to traditional "cookie cutter" high school?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, please spare a few moments to tell us what you think an Online Open High School should look like.
How old are you?
What is your current occupation?
Did you graduate from high school?
Where do you live?
Is high school publicly funded in your country?
What do you feel about high schools in your country?
You may select as many answers as you wish.
Any other comments
If there were an online high school that was open to everyone, how important do you think the following would be?
UnimportantOf Little ImportanceModerately ImportantImportantVery Important
Information about real-life study or social groups
Video lessons
Facility to make friends with other learners
Quizzes to test your understanding
Anything else you'd like to see from an online high school?
Access to online books & magazines
Real-time "Webinars" where teachers give lessons and answer questions
Certificate to demonstrate your achievement
Access to an individual tutor to explain things you find difficult
If there were an online high school that was open to everyone, what subjects would you like it to teach?
You may select as many choices as you wish.
Any others? Please list below
Would you make use of an online high school?
If you are not currently a high school student, please imagine how you felt during your school days.

If you said that you would make use of an online high school, would this be alongside or instead of going to school?
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