Your views about Christchurch

The Christchurch Community Partnership (CCP) is a small charity working with other agencies to deliver services to help improve the health and wellbeing for Christchurch residents.  To help the CCP understand what the issues are for Christchurch residents, please complete these few questions.  This will help the CCP ensure the services it provides meet the needs of the community and also ensure that the needs of the community are represented to Christchurch Borough Council during the reorganisation of the councils.  
1)   Postcode of where you live 
* 2) Your age
* 3)   Thinking about people you know living in Christchurch, which of the problems below concern you most? (choose 1) 
4) Are there any other issues / problems for people living in Christchurch? Please explain;
* 5) In your opinion, which two groups listed below are most affected by the problems identified above?
Other, Please specify
* 6) What is needed to overcome these problems? (Choose top 3 answers)
7) Are there any other possible solutions not listed above; please specify:

8) Would you be willing to pay towards this support? 
* 9 ) Are you aware of: (tick all that apply)
Christchurch Community Partnership (CCP)
Christchurch Angels
Neighbour Cars
Dial a Bus
Meal Cards
10) Would you be interested in finding out about local volunteering opportunities?
Do you have any other comments?