39th Annual San Diego Jazz Fest Survey

Thank you for taking this survey.   It provides a way for those who attended the 39th Annual SDjazzfest to tell us about your experience, and it should take only a few minutes to complete.
By taking this survey you will be entered into a drawing to win two 5-day passes for the 2019 San Diego Jazz Festival.
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* Including this year, how many of the 39 San Diego Jazz Fests have you attended?
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* Are you staying at a hotel?  If yes, how many nights?
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* If staying at a hotel, which hotel?
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* How many days did you attend the Festival?
* How did you hear about the SDjazzfest?
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Did you attend the Saturday Night Swing Dance?
Did you attend the Festival mainly for the Swing Dancing?
Did you attend any dance classes at the Festival?
Are you involved in the local San Diego Swing Dance Community?
Did you hear about the San Diego Jazz Festival through the Swing Dance Community? If so please explain.
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* How important would you say is the Saturday Night Swing Dance to this Festival?
Coments on the Saturday Swing Dance:
* Did you attend any of the Pianorama sets? 
Important or not important?
* Do you think the Pianorama Sets are important to have during the San Diego Jazz Festival?
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Please rate food choices
Please rate the cost of food at the Festival.
In your opinion, tell us about the best thing you experienced at this festival (maximum of 80 characters)
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Please rate your overall experience at the Festival
Please tell us the ONE thing you would like changed.
Please tell us ONE thing you would like NOT to change.
The 39th Annual San Diego Jazz Fest is set for November 27 thru 1 December 2019 right here at the Town & Country Resort.  Will you be attending?