Which village/town do you live in?
What is your postcode:

Are you a carer? (do you care for your partner / parent / child / next door neighbour)
Please let us know your gender:
Your age Group:

Do you worry about having to leave the Dales due to lack of facilities / services?
Why do you love living in the Dales?
Imagine if you felt lonely, or you needed help. Would you know what help was available to you?
What local services do you currently access?
Do you have any needs / difficulties that are not being met?
If you answered yes to the above question please give us more detail
Are there any activities / hobbies that you enjoy that you are not able to access?
eg. access to sport, network of friends, access to advice re available services
Are there any activities or services / clubs that you or other people could benefit from?
What could the community do to help you?
Would you be willing to help the community in some way?
If you answered yes to being willing to help the community in some way what would you like to do?
Do you already volunteer within your community?
If you answered yes to the previous question, what do you do ?
We would welcome any other thoughts you would like to include here:-

Would you be willing to have a longer conversation (in confidence) about how well the services you access meet your needs?
If you would like to help us further and are willing for us to contact you please let us have your address details and a contact telephone number (we will not share any of your address details with anyone and all your answers will be confidential)