The GCBS Prorgamme Management would like to inform students concerned that the online registration for Re-Assessment Examination (January 2019) is open. The online Registration will close on 23 January 2019. 
Students may contact any of the following in case there is complication in the online registration process:
1. KARMA YEZER (BBA PL)=17410961
2. MADAN GURUNG (BCom PL)=17851185
3. RINCHEN DORJI (MBA PL)=17541399
4. JAMYANG TENZIN (Advisor)=17560902
* Name (Please spell your name right)
* Enrolment Number (Provide complete and accurate number)
Contact Address (Provide mobile number and email address)
* Mobile Number
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Programme/Major you were in last semester (July-December 2018)
* Identify the Programme/Semester where the Module(s) you want Re-Assessment was offered