Sober Family Feud Question Survey

This is for the entertainment at the Area 58 November 2018 Assembly, Saturday night Nov 17 after speaker. Please keep answers brief. More than one answer is acceptable for anyone special.
1. Something people do to sober up in a hurry?
2. An occupation that deals with a lot of drunk people?
3. Least favorite Step of AA members?
4. Common excuse for not having Stepwork done?
5. A place people hide their booze?
6. What’s a common first service job in AA for newcomers?
7. What’s the best alcoholic beverage for morning drinking?
8. Name one of the most harmful character defects?
9. Most commonly used prayer by alcoholics?
10. Name a reason it hurts when one pees?
11. Something often lost when on a bender?
12. What is a good place to go if no meetings are available?
13. What does a newcomer need?
14. Most inappropriate place to go if drunk?
15. What is a commonly disliked AA cliché?
16. Most common name in meetings?
17. What is the most powerful fear?
18. Best way to get off the pity pot?
19. What is the first quality one needs to stay sober?
20. Most infuriating thing a sponsor says?
21. Most infuriating thing a sponsee says?
22. Worst food you’ve had at an AA potluck?
23. Favorite section of the Big Book?
24. Favorite meeting format?
25. Most effective place to find rock bottom?
26. What is the most important word in Step 1?
27. What do people commonly look for in a sponsor?
28. What is the most dreaded holiday to endure sober?
29. Favorite activity after a meeting?
30. Name a place people meet with their sponsor to do Step work?
31. What’s a good word to describe AA meeting coffee?
32. Name something old-timers whine about?
33. Hardest experience to walk through in sobriety?
34. What’s an AA Tradition that you use in daily life outside AA?
35. What is most anticipated holiday for “amateur” drinkers?
36. What do you do to practice Step 11?
37. What is the first thought when waking from a blackout?
38. What is the most difficult family event for someone in early sobriety?
39. What is the most important quality for someone to take their first Step?
40. What is your favorite AA slogon?
41. Name something newcomers often whine about?
42. Name an insecurity that is difficult to overcome?
43. Best food to eat when drunk?
44. In jail or the state penitentiary, word is you can trade 200 cigarettes for ____?
45. Something you don’t want to hear after a one-night stand?
46. Something you don’t want your sponsor to tell you?
47. Name something you shouldn’t operate under the influence?
48. What is the least understood of the 12 Concepts?
49. Injury commonly sustained while intoxicated?
50. Commonly used ways to pass a field sobriety test?
51. What was the most effective hangover cure?
52. Scariest person in an AA meeting?
53. What is the one bit of advice a newcomer like you would find helpful?
54. What is a food to avoid when drunk?
55. Best fake excuse for not going to a meeting?
56. What not to wear to an AA meeting?
57. Favorite food at an AA picnic?
58. When is it a good time to start dating in sobriety?