Have you used the new RIBA Plan of Work
How do you rate it compared with the former alphabetical format?
How do you rate it when working with Clients?
How do you rate it when working with Consultants?
How do you rate it in formulating fee stages?
How do you rate it in relation to the scope of work needed for full planning applications?
Do you still refer to or use the former alphabetical plan of work with clients, staff, others?
How do you rate it in relation to the appointment of contractors?
Do you still use the former alphabetical Plan of Work?
If you do still use the alphabetical Plan of Work, do you use it on all jobs or some?
Would a published 'overlay' which clearly reconciles the alphabetic stages with the new numerical stages be useful to your practice?
If yes, why?
Do you think that Stage 3 should be divided into two stages; up to planning and co-ordination of the design?
Do you think Stage 3 should include Stage D Plus, meaning with sufficient detail to enforce design quality but omitting client requirements embodied in Stage D.
Any other comments?
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