1. Please indicate where your organisation gets information on:
a) Qualifications that are registered on the NQF
b) Part-qualifications that are registered on the NQF
c) Professional bodies that are listed on the NQF
d) Professional designations that are listed on the NQF
e) Providers that are accredited in South Africa
f) Providers of RPL in South Africa
g) Learner achievements in South Africa
h) Verification of qualifications in South Africa
2. Do you know about SAQA’s searchable databases? 
3. If you use SAQA’s information/searchable databases, please tell us which databases you use?
4. For what purpose, and how, do you use the databases?
5. How useful are the databases?
6. What would you say, are the benefits of the information provided by the National Learners’ Records Database (NLRD) for your organisation?
7. Have you seen any of the NLRD Trends Reports?  
8. If yes, please tick the Trends Reports that you have seen.
9. How were the Trends Reports useful to your organisation?
10. Would you say that the Trends Reports have had any kind of impact on your organisation?
11. Could you briefly describe the impact?