About the Registered Citizen Emergency Preparedness Survey

Disasters can occur at any time, leaving your life in complete chaos. This survey is intended to gauge the experiences and planning of registered citizens and their loved ones in the event of a natural disaster. This survey is open to registered citizens AND their loved ones, but please limit responses to one per household. 

Please read each of the 14 questions carefully and please do not skip any question unless you are prompted to skip. 

Also worth noting, there is no way I can track those who respond to this survey. I do not ask any more intrusive information than whether or not you are a registrant and about what natural disasters impact you most. 

Questions about this survey can be addressed to Derek Logue by calling 513-238-2873 or emailing me at iamthefallen1@yahoo.com -- Please visit OnceFallen.com for more activism information. 
* 1. Are you a registerd citizen (i.e., someone forced to register as a "sex offender") or the loved one of a registered citizen?
* 2. Are you (or the registrant in your household) "On paper" (supervised release/ probation/ parole/ house arrest or equivalent)?
* 3. Which natural disaster(s) are most likely to negatively impact your life and require you to seek emergency shelter? Please check ALL that apply:
* 4. Are you aware of any  formal governmental shelter plan in your area in event of a natural disaster?
* 5. If your home was in danger of being destroyed today in a natural disaster, what would be your most likely course of action?
* 6. Please answer this even if you have the resources to flee. If you were fleeing a natural disaster and you had no other option but to seek a local shelter, and a law enforcement agent told you that the family could stay but the registered citizen would be refused shelter, what would you do? 
* 7. Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd made headlines for telling registered citizens to not enter his shelters and instead can go to jail. Interestingly, Pasco County Sheriff Chris Nocco, whose department has been known in the past to harass registered citizens made headlines by taking the opposite approach and offered shelter in a separate part of a high school to registered citizens. Describe your opinion on this matter. 
* 8. Grady Judd is being sued by a man who he denied shelter to during Hurricane Irma. What is your reaction to this news?
* 9. Do you have a personal disaster plan?
* 10. Do you feel you have enough resources (money, food, basic needs) today to get you by in the event of a natural disaster?
* 11. Have you personally experienced displacement/ evacuation orders as the result of an act of nature?
12. Please answer this question ONLY IF you answered YES to question 11. When you were displaced/ evacuated, what best describes your temporary living conditions?
13. After the naural disaster had passed, did you receive any disaster reovery assistance? Please check ALL that apply if yes. (Please answer ONLY of you answered YES to question #11.)
14. Please add any further comments you feel is important to survey readers to know. Please share personal thoughts or actual experiences you have had during natural disasters.