Dear Customer

We have changed the design and layout of our business forms.

Over the years we have gathered feedback from users of our products and in the main we found out that of the people who responded to our questionnaires had the following concerns.
  • Firstly, the shaded fields that defined the form were not conducive to faxing and scanning, especially in relation to the second or third self-carbonised copies
  • Secondly, the effectiveness of the carbon was being impeded by the process of tinting the duplicate and triplicate sheets so the copy was not always clear.
  • Finally, some of the forms were outdated in terms of modern requirements, necessitating an upgrade.
The new form design is designed to deal with the above issues as well as create a new, modern, clean and practical design which is aimed at enhancing your own or company image in the presentation of documentation.

Please help us improve our product and make it as user friendly as possible by participating in our survey below:
Question 1         
The form design has been changed to be lighter, cleaner and more modern.
Question 2.        
Vertical lines have been removed and replaced with “Virtual” lines to denote vertical fields
Question 3.        
Duplicate and triplicate copies are no longer on tinted paper but are differentiated by the use of different colours in the heading fields of the form.
Question 4.        
Space for customers to fill in their company or other details has been left completely blank with no delineating square, allowing more space for Name, Address, contact details and Logo.
Question 5.        
The word “From” has been dropped out. 
Question 6.        
Please give us your opinion of the new form design in general?