Morgan City and Berwick Quality of Life Survey Introduction

An economic downturn impacted the Morgan City and Berwick area. In response, local leaders brainstormed ideas for the area's continued educational and cultural advancement. 

To receive community input and to set community priorities, the following survey was suggested and composed.
Please complete the 12-15 minute anonymous survey to give input, ideas, and suggestions about the quality of life offered to Berwick and Morgan City residents. 

Persons not residing but having an attachment to Morgan City and Berwick can still take the survey; however, those results will be separated from the responses of residents.
Please provide the response that best describes you. 

1. Gender:
* 2. Age:
* 3. Place you live:
* 4. Family income range:
* 5.What determined the site in which you are currently living? (Multiple answers are allowed.)
* On a scale of 5 (strongly agree)  to 1 (strongly disagree), please indicate your level of agreement with the statements about the Morgan City / Berwick area.

5 Strongly Agree4 Agree3 Neutral2 Disagree1 Strongly Disagree
1. My community delivers reliable electricity, water, and sewer services.
2. Residential recycling and trash services meet customer needs.
3. Street services are reliable and safe.
4. Water runoff from storms is controlled and minimizes flooding.
5. I can travel by car to locations in my community with minimal delays.
6. Sidewalks are usable and provide options to driving my car.
7. Bike lanes/paths are usable and provide options to driving my car.
8. My community has affordable public transportation.
5 Strongly Agree4 Agree3 Neutral2 Disagree1 Strongly Disagree
9. My community provides quality police services.
10. My family feels safe in our community.
11. The community provides quality fire/rescue services.
5 Strongly Agree4 Agree3 Neutral2 Disagree1 Strongly Disagree
12. My community provides attractive parks, trails and other green spaces.
13. Neighborhoods, parks and thoroughfares are clean.
14. Entryways into Town/City are welcoming, clean, and reflect community pride.
5 Strongly Agree4 Agree3 Neutral2 Disagree1 Strongly Disagree
15. There are abundant recreational opportunities for all members of my family.
16. The community provides activities and services needed by senior citizens.
17. The community provides quality youth activities.
18. Water recreation (boating, fishing, kayaking, etc.) is available to all.
19. There are plentiful opportunities to enjoy the arts.
20. There are sufficient opportunities (festivals, community events, etc.) to gather as a community.
21. My community has adequate golfing facility access.
22. My community has adequate horse and pet friendly parks.
5 Strongly Agree4 Agree3 Neutral2 Disagree1 Strongly Disagree
23. My community is attracting business and entrepreneurial opportunities.
24. I am familiar with the land development and zoning plan of my community.
25. My community supports housing development and neighborhood maintenance to attract new residents.
26. My community is attracting jobs that pay well from employers that offer benefits.
27. My community supports existing employers that pay well and offer benefits.
28. There are sufficient opportunities to participate in community government.
29. The quality of public education positively impacts my home’s value and economic development.
30. My community has an advertised community market where small businesses can sell homemade goods and produce.
31. My community uses the Mainstreet Program to advance economic development opportunities.
32. My community has a sufficient ecology focus that allows for the development of green technologies.
33. The job opportunities in my community support young adults remaining here.
5 Strongly Agree4 Agree3 Neutral2 Disagree1 Strongly Disagree
34. I feel informed about community services and events.
35. My community uses multiple outlets to communicate the positives of our area.
36. My community promotes flood protection, quality education, and available properties to promote the relocation of families and businesses into our area.
37. The quality of life and community offerings are promoted as a selling point for economic development.
* On a scale of 5 (very important) to 1 (not important), please rate the importance of each education strategy for quality-of-life in the Berwick/Morgan City area.

5 Very Important4 Important3 Neutral2 Unimportant1 Very Unimportant
1. Retain high quality teachers and staff as an asset in parish economic development.
2. Compensate teachers at a rate to within the top five K-12 school districts in the State.
3. Strengthen the K-12 partnership with South Central Louisiana Technical College - Young Memorial Campus.
4. Offer structurally sound and up-to-date school facilities considering consolidation for declining enrollments.
5. Expand program offerings of computer science, the arts, advanced placement (AP) classes, entrepreneurship, etc.
6. Expand facilities to include a swimming pool for year-round student education and competition along with year-round citizen fitness.
7. Provide library services that remain current and meet all resident needs.
8. Communicate a strategic plan to address changes in student enrollments, state expectations, and workforce needs.
Please indicate your liklihood to volunteer in one of the following areas of community development. 
Very LikelyLikelyNeutralUnlikelyVery Unlikely
Showcasing graphic Arts (Art guild, etc.)
Broadening performing arts offerings (Community Concert, etc. )
Implementing quality youth recreation programs (Biddy, Flag football, league baseball, etc.)
Communicating and planning tourism events (Shrimp Festival, Lighthouse Festival, etc.)
Supporting quality elementary and secondary education
Growing community and technical college courses and programs
Promoting and branding the area (advertising, media posts, etc.)
Advocating for public bus transportation
Advancing land development uses and zoning codes (neighborhood clean-ups, and safety watches, etc.)
Supporting business and industry infrastructure development
Integrating technology into current business and industry
Accessing water transportation and local ports (advocating for port initiatives, etc.)
Diversifying local businesses and industries
Developing additional biking and hiking paths (Recreation boards, etc.)
Please provide your NAME, E-MAIL, and AREA OF INTEREST (Arts, Education, Economic Development, Tourism, Transportation, etc. ) if you would like to be contacted to volunteer. BE SPECIFIC.
What would you suggest for community growth and economic development?
Do you have additional comments?