Keynsham Town Council, along with a large number of Keynsham residents is putting together a Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) for the Keynsham area.

The NDP is a new way for local people who live and/or work in Keynsham to have a say in the planning and future development of their local area. We are working on a plan that will look forward for at least the next 15 years, and one which should:

  • Develop our shared vision for Keynsham – (to include residents, Business owners and Managers)
  • Influence the kind of residential, commercial/industrial development that we need in Keynsham
  • Identify local green spaces
  • Identify other treasured, local assets
  • Influence planning for Roads and Transport and Development in the area
  • Develop great community facilities for our town

Once the plan is passed, it will go to referendum for approval by local people, and if the plan is accepted, it will have legal status within the Planning Policy Framework. This means that Developers and Local Authority planners (i.e. BATHNES) will need to take our plan into account when making decisions.

What is a community consultation?

Community Consultation is about making sure we have fully understood and represented your views. In order to get a great plan that represents everyone, we need your help!

A vital part of the NDP process is Evidence Gathering. This means we need to show that we have sought to get the views of everyone in the community, and that we represent their views. The Business Community is an important, essential sector in our town, so please help us to represent you by participating in this Business Consultation, which is open until February 29th 2020

Any questions?

How do I get a Large Print copy of the Questionnaire?
Please call 0117 9868683
How many people from my business need to fill in a Questionnaire?
We only need one copy to be filled in per business.
How will the Council use this information?
Any information given to the Council is subject to General Data Protection Regulations. Please see our Data Privacy Notice (above)
How can I get help or further information about the plan?
If you have any questions about the Neighbourhood Development Plan or the Business Consultation, our team are happy to help. Please contact the Town Council:
T: 0117 9868683 E: ndp@keynsham-tc.gov.uk
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