KACE System Management Appliance Benchmark

Welcome to our KACE SMA survey 2019
As a leading UK and European KACE partner we enjoy carrying out market research to check on the health and maturity level of the KACE customer base globally.
As a thank you, in return for completing the survey, we will send you Benchmark Report showing how you score and how your knowledge compares to the current Benchmark score. A sample report can be viewed here. In return for completing the survey we are offering a free hour consultancy webex session to enable you to ask questions, increase your knowledge, configure KACE functionality, discuss challenges or just generally check the health of your KACE implementation.
This survey is 90 questions long and asks questions based only on the KACE SMA appliance. There is an additional survey for the KACE SDA if you are user of that box, which can be found here. The Benchmark should take no more than 10 mins to complete and the aim of the survey is to assess how your organisation rates as a user of KACE software.
Jumpstart or Quickstart training consultancy is included with every KACE appliance purchase and as certified trainers we estimate that out of 5, your knowledge should be about 2.5 when you have completed your training in any particular technical area, If you continue to develop your KACE skills your score is likely to increase, and vice versa. The Benchmark aims to try and identify areas where you may gain a greater return on your investment in KACE and gives us an opportunity to feedback to you based on your responses.
* Please enter your contact email, so we may send over your report and setup you free consultancy call
* How large is the environment that you use KACE to manage, how many Devices do you support?
* How long have you been a KACE user?
* What style of KACE Appliance do you have?
* What version of the KACE SMA are you currently using?
* What version of the KACE Agent do you have distributed?
* Do you have your SMA configured for SSL?