* 1.
Which of the following best describes your Job Level?
* 2.
Business Type / Company Size
* 3.
Business Location
* 4.
How long has the Business / Company been established?
* 5.
Business' Industry (Select up to 3)
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* 6.
In the next 12 months, do you think our economic situation will be better, worst or same?
* 7.
Overall, how did your Business' revenue change in (2020 Jan to Mar) compared to last year (2019 Jan to Mar)?
* 8.
What were the main reasons for the Revenue change? (Select up to 3)
* 9.
How do you estimate your Business' revenue to change for the next 6 months from this year's (2020 April to Sept) compared to last year's (2019 April to Sept)?
* 10.
Manpower forecast for the next 6 months (2020 April to Sept): Is your company considering any of the following? (Select up to 3)
* 11.
Business' operational forecast for the next 6 months (2020 April to Sept): Is your Business considering any of the following? (Select up to 3)
* 12.
Does your Business intend to allocate budget for any of the below programs this year? (Select up to 3)
* 13.
What is the level of impact COVID-19 has on your business?
* 14.
Malaysia Movement Control Order (MCO) has been implemented since 18 Mar 2020. In terms of Company Cashflow; How long can your business sustain should the MCO be extended further?
* 15.
The Malaysian Prime Minister and Chief Ministers of Sarawak and Sabah had unveiled Stimulus Packages and support measures to help Malaysians cope with the COVID-19 situation. Please rate how useful you think the following programmes will be in helping your business tide through COVID-19.

Stimulus Packages:

* Malaysia Federal Government:
- Prihatin SME+
- PM Speech

* Sarawak Government:
- Bantuan Khas Sarawakku Sayang 1.0
- Bantuan Khas Sarawakku Sayang 2.0

* Sabah Government:
- Sabah We Care - Pakej Bantuan

* 16.
Overall, the Government’s Stimulus Packages and support measures will help my business tide through the COVID-19 situation.
* 17.
Covid-19 has proven to be a very serious threat to human health, businesses, economies and the whole world has been affected. Many countries are battling this serious virus through "Lock downs" or some form of Isolation.

What are your thoughts on the Malaysia movement control order (MCO) extension?

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