What's your ideal vision for the Main Street district? While most people don't want to see major changes, what would an ideal downtown Apalachicola be like in your opinion? What enhancements do you think the district needs (this can include economically, culturally, socially, environmentally, physically, etc.)?
What do you think differentiates downtown Apalachicola from other shopping/dining/lodging options? From other historic downtowns and destinations within the region?
What events/people/structures from our past or present would you like to see recognized? What parts of our historical or cultural elements would you like to see better represented from a public education standpoint?
In your opinion, what are the three greatest challenges facing downtown Apalachicola?
What's currently working well downtown?
What's not working so well?
What direction would you like to see downtown Apalachicola taking in the future to build on our past and present? What one or two economic development strategies or other opportunities should downtown Apalachicola pursue over the next 3-5 years?
Which of the following do you think downtown needs more of? Click all that apply.
Which of the following describe you? Please click all that apply:
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