Please provide us with your name and email address.
How old are you?
Where do you live?
Have you heard that the City of Vadnais Heights is looking into the possibility of building a skatepark?
Would you be interested in having a skatepark in Vadnais Heights?
How beneficial would a skatepark be to the Vadnais Heights community?
Who would benefit from a skatepark? (check all that apply)
I am a: (check all that apply)
Would you volunteer to help serve on a committee to design the skatepark or provide feedback on the design?
Would you volunteer to help build a skatepark (site preparation)?
Would you help keep a public skatepark clean, safe, and a nice place?
Would you help manage the people using a public skatepark by supervising them and helping them following the rules?
If you are a potential user, please answer the following:
How many years have you been skating, biking or riding?
Where do you typically ride?
How many days in the spring and summer do you participate in this activity?
How many hours a day do you participate in this activity?
How do you get to and from places to skate, bike or ride?
How often would you expect to use a public stakepark?
Have any of the following happened to you when participating in skating or riding?
How often do you travel to other skateparks?
What is your preferred skatepark in the metro area?
Are there any skateparks you would not recommend? Why?
Would you be interested in volunteering on the skatepark committee?
Would you be willing to help raise funds to build a skatepark?
Would you be willing be a sponsor or donate to a fundraising effort?