This survey will help to inform how parents are supported in coping with baby and toddler sleep.

Information is collected by the Better Rest Method, and a summary of results will be published on their website and/or Facebook page.

Responses will be used to help parents make decisions, no judgement. We are all in this together - share the love and help other parents!
1. Rate the sleep techniques/coping strategies that you have tried. (Leave blank if you haven't tried it). 

Would use again, happy with it.Would avoid in future, didn't work for us.Would avoid in future after reading/learning more.Would avoid in future, seemed to negatively affect child.
Controlled crying
Cry it out
Pick up, put down
Gradual retreat/ disappearing chair
Night weaning (sudden)
Night weaning (gradual/gentle)
Breastfeeding as a sleep aid
'Wait It Out' Toolkit Approach described by Nurshable
No Cry Sleep Solution by Elizabeth Pantley
Dr Karp's 5 S's (Happiest Baby)
Better Rest Method
Bed sharing / co-sleeping
Using a bedtime routine
Coping strategies for me, without changing child's sleep
Other [please specify on final page]