3D Printing Technology with Embedded Electronics

Survey to understand potential technology gaps that could be fullfilled by utilising exciting advances within 3D printing technology processes as demonstrated by external service providers.
* 1. For what type of business are you responding?
* 2. In which industrial sector does your business operate?
* 3. What is your main product(s)/technology?
* 4. Please indicate below the size of your company in relation to number of employees.
* 5. Are there any regulations relating to your product(s)?
* 6. How do you develop prototypes (i.e. demonstration, tooling, one-offs, small scale etc) from concept? Select all that apply.
* 7. On average, how often do you develop prototypes?
* 8. How do you see your prototype development approach changing in the next 5-10 years?
* 9. On average how much do you pay for your prototype development? (response on each)
Per individual itemPer projectTotal annually
£0 - £250
£251 - £500
£501 - £1000
£1001 - £5000
£ 5001 - £10000
More than £10000
* 10. On average what percentage of your prototype development (relative to cost) is supported by an external provider?
* 11. What would you expect from an external provider to support prototype development? (select all that apply)
* 12. Please indicate below, typical timeframes for both Product Development and Product Lifetimes.
0 - 1 month2 - 6 months6 - 12 months1 - 2 years2 - 5 years5 - 10 years+ 10 years
Product development
Product lifetime
* 13. Typically, what prototype numbers are needed per project?
* 14. Briefly describe the process for turning prototypes into production.
* 15. What would you describe as your main industry drivers/trends?
* 16. How do you continue to develop/support your product through the 'product lifecycle' i.e. Introduction, Growth, Maturity & Decline? (select all that apply)
* 17. Are there additional services internally/externally that are not currently covered that could add value? (select all that apply)
* 18. Is your organisation already involved with 3D printing?
* 19. Would your establishment be interested in 3D printing with embedded electronics? (please select all that apply)
* 20. How often would your establishment want to be involved in such an activity (3D printing with embedded electronics)?
* 21. Please indicate what may be needed for you to consider this type of technology (3D printing with embedded electronics)
* 22. What factors do you consider most important in developing 3D printing with embedded electronics?
* 23. How much would you be willing to pay for the services outlined below? (response on each)
£0 - £250£251 - £500£501 - £1000£1001 - £5000£5001 - £10000more than £10000
Sample Production
Feasibility Study
Mechanical Parts
Demonstration Units
Complete Turnkey Engineering Solution
* 24. Does this service interest you (3D printing with embedded electronics)?
* 25. Would you like to be contacted following your response to this survey?
26. Contact details
Address line 1
Address line 2
Post Code
Contact Telephone Number
Any preference for when you would like to be contacted?