3D Printing Technology with Embedded Electronics

Survey to understand potential technology gaps that could be fullfilled by utilising exciting advances within 3D printing technology processes as demonstrated by external service providers.
* 1. For which type of school or academic establishment are you responding?
* 2. Please indicate below the age range of pupils/students attending your establishment.
* 3. Please indicate below the number of pupils/students attending your establishment.
* 4. Does your establishment procure services from external providers to support the curriculum?
Briefly outline services from external providers
* 5. Do you have a budget to pay for services by external providers?
* 6. How much do you pay for external service providers per annum in supporting the curriculum?
* 7. What do you receive from the service? (select all that apply)
* 8. Are you involved in STEM/Outreach activities?
Briefly describe how you benefit from STEM/Outreach activities
* 9. Briefly describe how you structure your technology/product design lessons.
* 10. Do you consider there to be any technology gaps in your current approach to teaching curriculum?
Briefly outline technology gaps in your curriculum below
* 11. Would you consider any of the below to represent technology gaps in your current approach to teaching currriculum? (please select all that apply)
* 12. Have you considered how 3D printing/design with embedded electronics can satisfy these needs?
* 13. Would your establishment be interested in 3D printing with embedded electronics? (please select all that apply)
* 14. What level of service on 3D printing with embedded electronics would your establishment be interested in? (please select all that apply)
* 15. How often would your establishment want to be involved in such an activity?
* 16. When would you like to have the technology/equipment capabilities demonstrated? (select all that apply)
* 17. What level of student would you wish to offer these activities to or you feel would be most interested? (please select all that apply)
* 18. How much would you be willing to pay for the services outlined below? (response on each)
£0 - £250£251 - £500£501 - £750£751 - £1000More than £1000
Practical hands-on/Sample production
Individual/Team design projects & Printing
* 19. Does this service interest you?
* 20. Would you like to be contacted following your response to this survey?
21. Contact details
Establishment Title
Address line 1
Address line 2
Post Code
Contact Telephone Number
Any preference for when you would like to be contacted?