St. Mark's Lutheran Church - Congregational Survey

Listed below are the many ministries and congregational life activities. Please select the number indicating your opinion for each of these. The term “resources” means our time and/or our money.

0 = I am not aware of this ministry
1 = We are wasting valuable resources. It’s time to consider discontinuing.
2 = We should continue, but perhaps with fewer resources
3 = The current level of support is appropriate
4 = We should continue and consider a modest increase in resources.
5 = We  are not investing enough resources
I/F = Interfaith
Adult Forum
Children’s Chapel
Sunday School
Journeys in Faith
Coffee Hours
Easter Vigil Festival
I/F Food Pantry
I/F Winter Shelter
Bernal Gateway Xmas
PICO Rwanda
El Salvador Sister Parish
Advocacy for Holy Land Christians
Knitting Ministry
Communion to Central Gardens
Communion to Shut-In Members
Liturgical Music
Christmas Pageant
Holy Week Triduum
Teaching Parish Students
The Voice
God’s Work Our Hands Sunday
Rally Sunday
Community Garden
Women of the ELCA
Parents with Kidlettes
Senior Affordable Housing
St. Mark’s Our Planet
We expect to have a new building for the Urban Life Center with affordable housing built above it. Listed below are ways the ULC is presently used and ways it could be used in the future.

Please indicate your level of support as follows:

1 = I do not support at all.  We should not do this or stop doing it.
2 = I’m somewhat against. We should do less.
3 = I’m Neutral. The current level of support is adequate.
4 = I somewhat support. We should do a little more.
5 = I strongly support. We should do much more.
Hostelry for out-of-town youth doing service work
Below market rate meeting space for 12-step programs
Below market rate meeting space for community organizations
Meeting space for St. Mark’s committees and ministries
Market rate commercial office space to for-profit organizations
Below market rate commercial office space to non-profit organizations
Rehearsal space for larger music organizations
Interfaith Winter Shelter
Event Venue for larger parties
Chapel and Sunday School
Produce Market for MLT and the neighborhood
San Francisco Night Ministry Offices
Possible changes in the redeveloped ULC
Day care or preschool in Sunday School rooms
Charge market rate for 12-step programs
Charge market rate for community organizations
Increased meeting space for St. Mark’s committees and ministries
Charge market rate for non-profit commercial office space
Commercial Retail on Franklin Street
Do you have any ideas on how to use the redeveloped ULC?