Introduction Questions

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This page has questions about you and the conditions in general
* 1. Are you
* 2. How old are you? (In years)
* 3. Do you have / Have you had Ledderhose disease / plantar fibromatosis?
* 4. Do you have Dupuytren's (DD)?
5. If you have both Ledderhose and Dupuytren's which did you have first?
6. Do you have a family history of Dupuytren's and or Ledderhose?
7. If you have a family history please state whether;
(This is for Ledderhose or Dupuytren's)
* 8. Which of the following most closely resembles your average alcohol consumption?
* 9. Do any of the following statement apply to you?
* 10. Which Country are you from?
(Due to the frequency of these conditions around the world only a subset of countries have been chosen)
11. What kind of doctor first diagnosed you?
12. In your opinion how knowledgeable was the doctor with regards to?
Very GoodGoodNeutralBadVery Bad
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