911 PSAP Survey Questions

The Arkansas Geographic Information Office is seeking your help in filling out this survey in order to give us a snapshot of the current 911 systems and data used in statewide 911 dispatch centers.  Information collected in this survey will be summarized and reported to the Legislative Local 911 Systems Blue Ribbon Committee.  The committee was created by Act 1171 of the 89th General Assembly. Its purpose is to perform a comprehensive study of local 911 systems, including equipment, training, staffing, funding, and capabilities of 911 PSAPs/systems and to make recommendations for a statewide network that is efficient and effective.  This survey focuses on Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) capabilities.  The survey design was adapted from work prepared by the National States Geographic Information Council (NSGIC).
1. Please provide the following information:
* Name:
* Organization:
* Address:
Address 2:
* City:
* ZIP:
* E-mail Address:
Phone Number:
2. What is your job role?
3. Does your PSAP utilize GIS data for location purposes?
4. Which public safety systems in your organization utilize GIS data?
5. What is your current 911 software and what version do you use?
6. What is your current CAD software and what version do you use?
7. What is your current in-vehicle map display software and what version do you use?
8. What is you current mobile unit tracking (AVL) software and what version do you use?
9. If you use GIS software for data editing outside of the 911 system, what software version do you use?
10. Is your CAD software scheduled for an upgrade or replacement?
11. If you answered "Yes" to Question 10, approximately when will the upgrade occur?
12. If you answered "Yes" to Question 10 and you have already selected a vendor, please provide the vendor name and software version.
13. Does your CAD software have map display capability?
14. If you answered "Yes" to Question 13, are you using the map display capabilities in your dispatch center?
15. Which of the following GIS layers do you currently have and/or use in your PSAP Systems?
Road Centerlines
Structure Layer with assigned addresses
Update Parcel data
Old Parcel data
Emergency Service Zone boundaries
PSAP boundaries
Municipal and County boundaries
Neighborhood and Unincorporated Community boundaries
Zip Code boundaries
Response Areas/Zones
Recently updated Aerial Imagery (1 to 5 years old)
Landmarks (common place name)
Hydrology (above ground rivers, streams, lakes, etc)
Hydrants and Water Points
On-site ALI database
Cell Towers and coverage areas
16. If you indicated that you have a Road Centerline file in Question 15, please indicate which of the following attributes are included?
Road Names
Address Ranges
Address Points
Linear Referencing
17. Please list GIS data layers, other than those listed above, that you believe are essential to effective PSAP operations.
18. Which of the following potential issues with GIS data concern you the most? (Check all that apply)
19. If your jurisdiction has address points, where are they typically placed?
20. Approximately how many total address points are there in your jurisdiction?
21. Does the number include sub-addresses (e.g. apartment, suite, lot #, etc)?
22. If you answered "Yes" to Question 21, approximately how many of these points are sub-addresses?
23. What is the status of the address point data layer?
24. How often are updates made to the address points and roads in your 911 system?
25. If you have an address point data layer, how is it updated?
26. Please estimate the percentage of completion for your address point data layer.
27. Who assigns NEW addresses in your jurisdiction?
28. Is there an ordinance in place that specifies a standard process for assigning addresses and/or an address schema?
29. Where does the main responsibility for GIS data maintenance fall?
30. How often is the GIS data in the 911 Mapping System normally updated?
31. If more than one PSAP exists in your jurisdiction, who is responsible for maintaining address data?
32. Do you currently share GIS data with other communities (Ex: via GeoStor, etc)?
33. Do you have any GIS data sharing agreements in-place (e.g. between GIS Department and PSAP or between County and City)?
34. How often do you share updated road centerline and address point GIS data with neighboring counties/PSAPs and/or GeoStor?
35. Please use this space to provide any additional concerns or comments that you have regarding geospatial technologies, data or policies related to the implementation of Next Gen 911.
36.  Does your PSAP have a plan for implementing Next Generation 911?
37. How does your jurisdiction fund your 911 Operations?
38. How would you prefer that we follow-up with you?