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Course Materials (Resources/Assignments):
1) Were the stated learning objectives met?
2) Were the course materials relevant and did they contribute to the achievement of the learning objectives?
3) Was the time allotted to the learning activity appropriate?
4) Which components of this module do you like best? Please explain.
5) Which parts of the module do you think are most in need of improvement? How?
6) What other materials would you like to see in this module?
Teaching Methods/Strategies:
7) The instructor clarifies areas of confusion.
8) The instructor is able to attend to student’s needs.
Technology Issues:
9) E-classroom log-in was easy.
10) The overall E-classroom navigating tools are user-friendly.
**General Summative:
11) Overall, the instructor has been an effective teacher.
12) Overall, this course has been effective in advancing my learning.
13) Did your accomplishments this semester meet your expectations?
**14) Do you plan to continue?
**15) Where did you hear about us?
Additional Comments/Suggestions (Optional):

16) Please give us any comments. What did you like best? Least? What suggestions do you have for making improvements?