Hot Aches Survey: Personal Information

This questionnaire is forming part of a research project that I am conducting exploring hot aches, a hated and often experienced phenomenon among Scottish winter climbers.  The information collected here will be used to understand how prevalent hot aches are, who gets them, how frequently they occur and how severe they are. This will help to characterise and understand the hot aches experience.  Your help is greatly appreciated, even if you have not experienced them but still winter climb.  Although aimed at scottish winter climbing, if you experience them in other sports please also complete the survey and add details of your experience.  All information from this survey is anonymous and no personally identifiable information is asked for or stored (unless you leave your email address at the end of the survey) .  If you have any questions, including requesting information regarding participation in the practical part, please contact me Andrew Melvin,  This research has been approved by the UREC project no:14140
How old are you?
Are you male or female?
What is your ethnicity?
Do you have any of the following medical conditions?
Does anyone in your immediate family have a history of: 
Do you smoke? if yes how much?
Please list any regular medications that you take.