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Rail Survey by FoBLL & GRaB

This is a survey on behalf of the Friends Of The Brigg & Lincoln Lines rail group ( FoBLL), who work in partnership with the Gainsborough Rail and Bus users group ( GRaB ), and is for any customers that travel on the Sheffield - Lincoln or Sheffield to Cleethorpes via Brigg lines, or interchange at either Retford Low Level or Worksop stations.

The following Stations under this remit are : Sheffield Midland, Darnall, Woodhouse, Kiveton Bridge, Kiveton Park, Shireoaks, Worksop, Retford Low Level, Gainsborough Central, Kirton In Lindsey, Brigg, Barnetby, Haborough, Grimsby Town, Cleethorpes / Gainsborough Lea Road, Saxilby & Lincoln Central.

You are under no obligation to answer any of the questions. The data from this survey will be used to record passenger flows and issues that are brought to our attention and will be communicated to train operating companies, councils and other public bodies.


Train Operating Companies

Northern Rail Sheffield Midland - Lincoln Central / Sheffield Midland - Cleethorpes via Brigg. Northern operate Darnall, Woodhouse, Kiveton Bridge, Kiveton Park, Shireoaks, Worksop, Gainsborough Central, Kirton in Lindsey, Brigg and Haborough stations.

East Midlands Trains  Doncaster - Gainsborough Lea Road - Lincoln Central / Worksop - Mansfield - Nottingham.  Operate Gainsborough Lea Road, Saxilby and Lincoln Central and stations between Whitwell and Nottingham.

East Coast Trains ( Virgin / Stagecoach )  operate Retford Low Level Station

First Trans Pennine Express Barnetby , Grimsby Town and Cleethorpes. 

1. Which station do you normally travel FROM ?
2. Please enter the post code for the start of your journey
3. Which station do your normally travel TO ?
4. Please enter the post code for the end of your journey
5. We are working in partnership with Northern Rail to restore a six days a week service on the Sheffield  to Cleethorpes via Brigg Line, and a morning and evening peak service to/from Gainsborough Central. 

These services would call at Sheffield, Darnall, Woodhouse, Kiveton Bridge, Kiveton Park, Shireoaks, Worksop, Retford, Gainsborough Central, Kirton In Lindsey, Brigg, Barnetby, Haborough, Grimsby Town and Cleethorpes.

The last weekday services ran in October 1993, Would you support such a service?

If so how often would you use the train ?
6. Three trains run each way on the Sheffield Midland to Cleethorpes via Brigg service but only on Saturdays. Is this frequency of trains satisfactory? If not indicate which option would suit you better.
7. Network Rail signal boxes are closed between Sheffield and Kiveton Park until 13.30. This means on a Sunday no trains run during the mornings on the Sheffield to Lincoln Line.

Would you use a Sunday morning train?
8. Northern Rail services on the Sheffield  to Lincoln service run hourly. Is this frequency of trains satisfactory?
9. At present the Lincoln Central - Sheffield  Northern Rail services continue to either Doncaster, Adwick or Scunthorpe, we suggest that the route could be changed to connect with the Leeds semi-fast service thus giving a Leeds - Wakefield Kirkgate - Barnsley - Meadowhall - Sheffield  - Lincoln Central service, connecting West with East.

Would you support this idea ?
10. Would you use a semi-fast service calling at Sheffield , Worksop, Retford, Gainsborough (Lea Road), Saxilby, and Lincoln? If so, how frequently would you use it?
11. How do you rate the facilities at the station you use most on the Sheffield to Lincoln/Cleethorpes Lines ?
12. Do you feel you get value for money from your train ticket ?
13. Did you know that Northern Rail offer a Duo Ticket (two adults, second adult half price) for passengers travelling from all stations on the Sheffield  to Lincoln service and for passengers travelling from Shireoaks to Cleethorpes on the Brigg Line service ?
14. Do you ever use Retford Low Level Station, or connect with Retford High Level Station and the East Coast Main Line and it's services ?
Please fill In the comment box for issues with Retford Low Level Station.
15. Do you ever use Worksop station, or connect with the Robin Hood Line to Mansfield and Nottingham ?
Please fill in the comment box for issues with the Robin Hood Line connections at Worksop Station
16. Please feel free to leave any comments in the box below, this can be anything from ticket prices to facilites at stations, if you wish to be contacted in the future by either FoBLL or GRaB then please leave an e-mail address. smiley