Amazon Pricing and Marketing Policies for Independent Authors Survey

This survey is designed to provide insight into the attitudes of independent/self-published authors on Amazon's current promotional policies as well as its price policies of charging independents 65% for the use of their download service if they charge under $2.99 or over $9.99 for their book titles, as well as 65% for most international sales. (When Amazon sells a book internationally, it does not translate your book nor provide any localization or marketing services in the country where the purchase occurs.)
This is a very short survey and you should be able to complete it in under five minutes. Please do not take take this survey if you are not self-publishing at least one of your books and are not reselling your titles on Amazon.
The inspiration for this survey came from an article I posted up December 17th entitled "Escape from Stalag $7: Why Amazon's Pricing Box Is Bad for Indies." You can read it here: It provides some background and perspective on the survey. The article is an opinion piece and I urge you to bring your own opinions to the survey when answering its questions.

Some preliminary information from the survey will be provided at Digital Book World, January 13-15th where I'll be participating on a panel on the 15th. More information and the agenda here:

Everyone who participates in the survey will receive a copy of the full summary results as well as relevant cross-tabulations. Please provide your name and E-mail address at the bottom of the survey if you wish to receive expanded results via E-mail. Your participation and personal information will be kept completely confidential.

Thanks for your time and interest!

Rick Chapman
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Please describe your author status.
* How long have you been self publishing?
* Is self publishing your primary source of income?
* How many books have you self published?
* In What Genres Do You Publish? Please pick all that apply.
* In what format do you provide your book(s)?
* What promotional programs are of interest to you in selling your books? (Please note that current Amazon policies forbid these programs or make their use impractical. This question is designed to gauge the interest of independents authors in these programs in the event Amazon changes its promotional and pricing policies.)
* What promotional program is of primary interest to you in selling your books in the event Amazon changes its promotional/pricing policies?
* Do you sell any of your self published books for more than $9.99 on Amazon?