Are you a Christian woman working in the workplace? If so, do you find that sometimes it's hard? Hard to balance the demands of your employer and the directives of scripture. Hard to be a good example of a Christian to your co-workers. Hard to 'do it all' and be the sort of employee, wife, mother, friend, housekeeper, and whatever else you are trying to be?

I found it hard too! And since I have just retired from a career in the workplace I think that God is asking me to come along side my sisters who are still struggling and provide encouragement. Did I get it all right while I was working? No way! But we learn from our mistakes too, right?

In order to do this the best way I know how, I decided to continue using some of the business practices that served me well in my career of over 30 years. One of those practices is asking my customers what they need.
To help me get a good picture of the needs women are facing, I would appreciate it if you would do two things:
1. Complete the survey.
2. Forward the link to the survey, found in the email you used to get to this page, with your working sisters in Christ. Or if you got here from facebook, share the post.

I want you to know that I have set this survey up so that it cannot identify anyone by their email address or associate answers with an individual. So, if you would like to be notified when my website launches and receive regular encouragement, please send me a note at and I will sign you up. Just add the email address you would like me to use. For your ease, I've also put this link in the email message you received.

Thanks for the contribution you are making to encouraging Christian women in the workplace.

Loretta Gjeltema
Would you describe yourself as a Christian woman who works in a workplace that does not specify employees must be Christians?
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