Case Management and Data Collection Survey

One of Advice in County Durham’s key aims is to reduce the duplication of work and improve the quality and coordination of advice across the county. With this in mind Advice in County Durham are looking into the use of case management systems and data collection across the network.
At this stage we are trying to gain a greater understanding of the extent to which case management and data collection are used, we have therefore created a survey exploring current practice. From this information we hope to be able to identify new opportunities to support the network and encourage joined up working, data sharing and formalised signposting.
We are always interested in finding out what you do in order to better support you. We would therefore appreciate it if you could take a few minutes to complete the short survey below. 
* 1. Which advice provider/team are you from?
2. How do you record client data? 
Other, please state
Case Management Systems
3. If you use a case management system, which system do you use?
4. Is this case management system available via internet without special software (i.e.can you access it and enter data via a web browser like Internet Explorer)?
5. What does this system do well for you?
6. What could this system do better?
7. Does this system allow you to share data with other organisations?
Data Collection
8. What kind of client data do you hold?
Other, please state
9. What do you use this data for?
Other, please state
10. How you record outcomes of your advice/ signposting?
11. How do you assure the quality of your advice/ signposting? 
12. Do you have any other comments, questions or concerns?