Welcome to the IBC Retreat Registration Form. This year our church family retreat / weekend away / church camp (there are many ways to describe it!) takes place from Friday 18 – Sunday 20 August at Gaestehaus Krelingen, Walsrode.
Please do consider joining us for what is traditionally a weekend of fun, reflection and developing friendships in Christ.

Deadline: June 18 (use only 1 registration form for couples/families)
The registration fees include room, board and inspiring teaching sessions.

Room Type and Prices(Please indicate)

5 Double-Rooms with WC/Shower on the floor (share),only for those rooms bring your own bed linen (33 Euro per night)

2 Double-Rooms with WC/Shower (47 € per night)

17 Double Room with WC/Shower and Balcony, (51 € per night), in this room 2 children can sleep on mattress for 18 € per child and per night

12 Single Room with WC/Shower (56 € per night)

Day Guest (price must be confirmed, , depends on the number of meals )
Personal Information
(If you want to register as a family or married couple, please fill out one registration form with all the info for one adult and kids and another registration form only with the name of the spouse, leaving everything else blank)
I would like to share a room with:
Do you need childcare during the sessions?
If you answered yes to the previous question, please provide the name and age of your children below:
Dietary Needs

If you a specific dietary need, please check the following

We ask everyone to take care of their own transport, either by train or car.
We will show a list of those who are going to the retreat as they are registering. Please make sure to check this list and get in touch with those you might want to travel with.

For our info: Please check below how you are planning on getting to the retreat at this point.
Do you have any additional comments or questions, please write them down here:
I am aware that the registration will only take effect after having transferred the registration fee.
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