ICID Action Plan 2030: Questionnaire for NCs

The International Executive Council of ICID, at its 66th meeting in Montpellier adopted ICID Vision 2030 with the Vision and Mission as follows:
Vision:A water secure world free of poverty and hunger through sustainable rural development
Mission:” Work together towards sustainable agriculture water management through inter-disciplinary approaches to economically viable, socially acceptable and environmentally sound irrigation, drainage and flood management”. 
The Council also decided to work towards six organisational goals to realise its vision which are:
1.     Enable higher crop productivity with less water and energy
2.     Be a catalyst for change in policies and practices
3.     Facilitate exchange of information, knowledge and technology
4.     Enable cross disciplinary and inter-sectoral engagement
5.     Encourage research and support development of tools to extend innovation into field practices 
6.     Facilitate capacity development.
ICID is a network of National Committees, the building blocks, open to professionals engaged in the management of water for irrigation, drainage and flood management or Agriculture Water Management (AWM) in short.
IEC has mandated the Consultative Group involved in formulating Vision, Mission and Goals to formulate ICID Action Plan 2030 in order to support the National Committees in meeting their national obligations in contributing towards SDGs, particularly those related to AWM.

This questionnaire, developed by the Consultative Group is intended to ascertain as to:
(1) What kind of support YOU seek to fulfil the national mandate assigned to members of YOUR NC?
(2) How would YOUR NC contribute in achieving the Six Goals of ICID Vision 2030?
(3) What support does YOUR NC expect from the ICID Network?
(4) Which specific activities ICID (as a network­) should take to meet YOUR NCs’ expectations?
(5) What is the organization structure of YOUR National Committees?
It is your opportunity to shape the way ICID, as a network, should serve its members in the future. Consultative Group seeks your valuable 30 minutes for your inputs which are invaluable for drafting ICID Action Plan 2030.

Please use not more than 500 words to answer Questions 1 to 4, if required on a Separate Page.  The inputs should preferably be in the form of bullet points. 

You are responding to this questionnaire on behalf of:
* Name of the National Committee:
* Name of the Individual filling this questionnaire: