Preparatory questionnaire for the second European forum on food sovereignty / 26-30 October 2016 / Cluj-Napoca, Romania

This questionnaire should be filled in on the basis of a discussion among members of each national delegation.
1. What are the food sovereignty experiences you would like to share and what do you think others might learn from them?
2. On what points are you particularly eager to learn from the experiences of others?
3. While we don’t plan to rewrite the Nyeleni Europe 2011 declaration, we would like to know if the contents of the Nyeleni Europe declaration are still relevant for your country. Are there issues which need to be updated?
4. What are the most burning issues and policies concerning food and agriculture right now on which you think we should work on collectively at European level when it comes to:
* models of food productions and consumption and agroecology?
* food distribution?
* work and social conditions in food & agricultural systems?
* the right to natural resources and the commons?
* public policies governing our food and agricultural systems?
* anything else you would like to add (issues, categories of occupation, actions)?
5. What were the main obstacles you have encountered since the first Nyeleni Europe Forum, and what strategies and actions have you found to address them?
6. Anything else you would like to see/ discuss at the forum?
7. Participant information
Country/ Region
Name & mail address of person filling in the survey on behalf of the delegation