* 1.
Please select the gender that best represents you.
In an effort to assist our businesses in marketing to those who could benefit most from their services, please answer the following questions.
* 2.
Please select the age range that best reflects your demographic.
What is your household size?
* 4.
Are you currently caring for someone who is unable to care for themselves?
* 5.
Where do you live?
* 6.
Where do you do most of your shopping? Please select all that apply.
We are committed to ensuring that consumers who work with Shalom BOBs have the best experience possible! Please answer the following questions so that we may better serve you.
* 7.
Does it increase your comfort level as a consumer/supporter of BOBs to know that all businesses under the "Shalom Businesses On the Move" umbrella are registered with the State of Missouri and/or State of Illinois?
* 8.
What type(s) of services and/or products are you looking for as a consumer?
* 9.
If you knew that a BOB was available to provide the services and/or products you need, how likely would you be to support the BOB before going to a "big box" store?
* 10.
What do you think are the major barriers to getting the Black/African American community to use other Black/African American businesses or services? Please check all that apply.
* 11.
How do you plan to support Shalom Businesses on the Move? Please check all that apply.
* 12.
Are you planning to use the "Shalom Businesses On the Move" On-line Directory once it is available on the Shalom Church (City of Peace) website?
* 13.
Where do you go to find information regarding BOBs? Please select all that apply.
Please share any additional information that you would like Shalom Businesses On the Move to consider as we move forward.