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Need some inspiration? Check out these examples:
* Restaurant Name

* Meal Type (Breakfast/Brunch/Lunch/Dinner)

* Cuisine Type (Chinese, American, Italian etc)

* Neighborhood

2. Is the restaurant accessible with a stroller (no stairs)?
Additional notes: (i.e. Lots of stairs at front, Only 2 small steps etc)
3. Is there stroller parking?
Additional Notes:
4. Was there room around the table for one or more stroller?
If you chose "Limited", please provide any additional details
5. Is the restaurant double-stroller friendly? For example, could a double side by side stroller fit through the front door? 
6. Does the restaurant offer a table activity for your child, such as crayons?
If Yes, what was the activity provided?
7. Kid's Menu? 
Feel free to add any memorable details
8. Does the restaurant offer half-orders or side dishes that could work for kids?
If Yes, please include any details
9. Is there a changing table in the women's bathroom?
10. Is there a changing table in the men's room?
11. Does the restaurant have booster seats?
12. Does the restaurant have high chairs?
13. Any bonus points you'd like to share? For example, the restaurant is near a great playground, store etc.
14. Any insider tips you'd like to share? For example, "Ask for a table in the back," "Ask to be seated in the waiter Bob's section - he's great", "Go early" etc
15. Tell us a little bit about yourself. This will be included in the review. Feel free to link to a personal business or cause that you support. 

For example:

"Jane Doe is a mother of two boys, Jack (2) and Joe (4). They live on the Lower East Side. Jane works as a pediatrician at XYZ. When she's not working she loves skiing, eating icecream and volunteering at Big Sisters.....etc"
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