You can upload a logo to use in your survey. Your logo image needs to meet the following criteria:

The logo is displayed at the top of the survey. You may position the horizontal alignment left, right or center by using the align button.

When the logo is clicked it will forward you to a new URL. The default URL is #SITE_NAME# home page. You can change the URL by changing the value in the URL field.

Uploading logos

  1. Locate the Logo tab and press the 'Select logo' button. A popup window will open, if you do not see a popup window then please disable your popup blocker.

    logo upload image

    logo upload image1

  2. Click the '+' button.

    logo upload image2

  3. Click the 'Browse..' button.
  4. Select the logo file that you would like to upload. (This will vary depending on your system).
  5. Press the 'Upload' button
  6. The image will now be uploaded. 

    logo upload image3

  7. Click the image you wish to use.

    logo upload image3

  8. Press select to use the image as your logo.

Do not forget to save your theme.