Survey Status

The Survey Status options control response collection. The following functions are available:

Open / Close survey

Survey Settings

This option starts and stops response collection. When the survey is closed the participant will see a message and will not be able to take the survey.

Response quota


This option allows you to limit the number of responses that are collected. By default an unlimited number of responses can be collected.

Survey Dates

Response collection can be limited to a certain date period.

The survey will start at 00:00 on the start date and finish at 24:00 on the End date in the time zone you selected.

To configure the survey to run for one day on '22nd August 2015' In Alaska you need to select both dates as 2015-08-22 and the timezone as Alaska.
To change the start or end date click the Select Date link and a pop-up window will appear.
Select the new date that you require and it will be inserted into the text field.

Time Zone

You will need to set the correct time zone for your start and end dates. A selector is provided for this.

Participant Options

The following options control how participants take the survey:

The blocking option works by placing a cookie in the participants browser, this option only works if cookies are enabled and the same computer is used to attempt to take the survey more than once.

        This option will cause blocking of responses by participants using computers on the same network. For example it will block responses from different computers on the same network in an office.