The following miscellaneous options are available:

Receive completed surveys by Email

This option allows you to receive completed surveys by email.
Once a survey has been completes an email is sent to the email address registered with the account.

Survey Button Text

The following survey button text may be customized in a language of your choice.

Password protect survey

You can password protect your survey from unauthorized use by entering a password.To remove the password simply clear the password text.
You may specify a custom message that replaces "Please enter password", this is useful if you wish to translate the survey.

Password protect results

You can password protect your results by entering a password. This is useful when you have results you want to protect from viewing. To remove the password simply clear the password text.
This feature is used when redirect to results on survey completion is selected or you have a public results link.

Link SPAM prevention

This option prevents participants or web-bots inserting links into your survey comment boxes.

This option works by searching for links and http:// in the comment text. The threshold is the number of links detected. If you would like to block all links from being inserted into the comment text select 1.

The threshold is variable. A value of 3 would require 3 or more links inserted into a text field to set-off the protection mechanism.

Record IP address

This option is selected by default and when checked will record the participants IP address in the responses. If unchecked the IP address will not be recorded by us.

Error message and link

Show popup message if validation fails?

This option gives you control over the popup message that is shown when a respondent fails to complete all of the required fields on that page. You can customize this message using the "Validation popup message" field.