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Survey Operations

The survey settings area allows you to change many different survey parameters like open and closing the survey, customizing button text and display a 'thank you' page. For information on how to change the survey settings please see Survey Settings 

The Theme Manager button launches the Theme Manager, which enables you to change the surveys fonts, survey layout, text, colors and logos.

Please see Theme Manager for more information.

The results overview area displays your survey responses in a report format.

Please see Results Overview for more information.

 The Export option enables you to produce a PDF copy of your survey and survey responses.

The Launch area is used to distribute your survey. You can create links to your survey and send your survey by email invitation.

Please see Launch Survey for further information.

The Test Menu gives two options:
  • Preview - displays the survey as it will look to end participants.
  • Send Test Email - This sends an email to your registered email address containing the URL to your survey.


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