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Question Area

The following Question options are available and may be performed on all questions.

Edit Question Please see Question Editor for more information

Copy question

Copy question has the following functions:
  • Up
    • Create a copy the question before the question.
  • Down
    • Create a copy the question after the question.
  • Page
    • Copy the question to another page.
Using the drop down menu select a page that you would like to copy to. The copy will be appended to the end of the selected page.
Split page

The split function splits the page at the current question. The questions that follow the split are moved onto a new page which is inserted after the current page.

Be careful: Page split's can not  be undone easily.
Skip Logic

The Logic option allows you to skip pages of a survey based upon the response given for the question.

Please see Skip Logic for further information

 Delete question  This deletes the selected question.
A confirmation message will ask you to confirm the deletion.
Once a question has been deleted it is impossible to recover it.
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