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Survey Editor

The Survey Editor is the main editing area in which you can add, delete and modify questions and access all survey functions.

Inline editing

The following items can be edited by clicking the text or pencil icon:
  • Survey Name
  • Page Title
  • Page Description
  • Survey Footer

Adding questions to your survey


The Add Question menu gives you two options to add new questions to your survey:

  1. The 'Add new question' button adds a new question to your survey. Visit Question Editor for further information.
  2. The 'Copy as new question' button enables you to copy a question from this or another another survey.


Copy as new question

The 'Copy as new question' popup enables you to first select a survey, then question.

The question is previewed below the selectors. Once you have selected the4 question that you wish to copy simply press the Select Question button to take you to the Question Editor.


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