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Results Filtering

Results filtering options can be found in the results overview screen. The filtering is split into the following sections:
  • Add new filter
    • To create a filter click add this will take you to the filter editor.
  • Delete filter
    • To delete a filter select the filter from the drop down menu then click delete

Filter editor

In the filter editor you can create a results filter using different questions and answers.

To add a new filter click the add button, then select the question that you would like to filter on, followed by one of the questions answers.
Filter Modes
The following filter modes can be selected:
  • Match all
    • Only results matching all of the filters is displayed.
  • Match any
    • Results matching any of the filters is displayed.
Save and apply
The save and apply button saves your filter and returns to the results overview with your filter in place.
To remove the filter select 'No filter' from the drop down menu.

Apply filter

Once you have created a filter it can be selected from the drop down menu. To remove the filter select 'No filter'.
Filtered results may take several minutes to process
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