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Results Overview

The Results Overview screen displays a summary of the responses collected and enables you drill down into individual survey responses. Various functions are available which let you view your responses in different ways. You can also export your responses.
Survey Results Overview


The response area gives you an overview of the responses that you have collected. the following details are available:

Invitations Sent: The number of email invitations that have been sent. This figure does not include reminders.
Invitations Accepted: The number of participants that accepted an email invitation using the link provided in the email.
Untracked Responses: The number of responses collected using an untracked email or web link.
Total Completed Surveys Received: The number of respondents who completed the survey by pressing the finish button at the end of the survey.
Total Incomplete Surveys Received: The number of respondents who did not complete the survey by pressing the finish button on the last page.
Total Responses Received: The total of complete and incomplete responses collected.

Results Analytics
The above Responses Information is available by clicking the Search/Filter button.

Within the Survey Results Area there are the following operations:

  • Expand
    • By default 15 text responses are shown. Using this button will show all text answers for this question in the summary screen.
  • Pop up
    • The pop up button opens the question in a new window with all answers shown.
  • Show values
    • By default text questions that require numbers only show the results using Range, Average, Median,Total responses and Mode. This button will show you all of the raw number responses.


This option is default and will show every response in the report.
When checked this option will only show survey from respondents who clicked the finish button.
When checked this option will only show survey from respondents who did not clicked the finish button.
  • Show all responses
  • Show Marked responses
  • Hide Marked responses
You can mark each participants survey as seen by checking the Marked button in the Individual screen.
Expand all text responses When checked this option will show every text response in the report.
Update Results This button activates the above settings and refresh your results overview.

Results filtering

It is possible to display only the results that you are interested in by using a results filter. For more information on filtering please see Results filtering

Export responses

The Export function enables you to Download all of your responses in  spreadsheet formats (xls, csv, xml). Please see Export responses for further information

Individual responses

The Individual button enables you to view information about any email survey invitations you made. Buttons for editing, viewing and deleting responses are available. Please see Individual results for further information

View Results

The view results button enables you to see all of your responses in a spreadsheet form. Form more information, please see Individual results


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