Answer piping

Answer piping is different from response piping as it enables you to pipe all of the selected responses from a multiple choice question into the answer of another question. The following question types are supported:

The responses that the user selected from the multiple question will appear as the choices for the next question.

How to use answer piping

Prerequisite: You will need a page with a multiple choice question prior to the page that you would like to pipe into.

  1. Create a multiple choice question.

    answer piping 1

  2. Create a new page after the multiple choice question

    answer piping 1

  3. Add a new question. The question can be any of the types listed above.
    When you enter the 'Answers & Options' tab select the 'Pipe / use all responses from a previous question' checkbox. In the drop down menu below the checkbox, select the question that you would like to pipe the responses from.

You have now setup response piping for this question.