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'Individual response' piping.

Individual responses can be piped from one question into the text or answers of another question.

The format for a inserting a Tag is [pipe=question_ID:answerNum]

  • question_ID will be replaced with the ID of the question that you are piping from
  • answernum will be replaced with an answer number. This is always 1 for questions with one choice. For example if a user selects two options in a multiple choice question then this may be 1 for the first response or 2 for the second response.

To make this easy for you we have added a special insert 'Insert tag' button which can be found in the question text and options area.

Supported question types. You may pipe responses from the following question types.

  • Single choice
  • Multiple choice

How to use response piping.

  1. Create a multiple choice question.

    piping image 1

  2. Create a second page in the survey by using the Add button to the top right of the editor.
    Add page to survey
  3. On the new page add a new question.
    You may choose to pipe the response from a previous question into the question text. To add a Tag position the cursor in the question text and use the 'Insert tag' button and associated selector as illustrated below:
    piping image 2 
    You will see a tag (as highlighted in red) show in your question text. The survey tag will transform into the response the user chose in the question indicated in the tag. This example uses Page1 Question 1.

You may also pipe the answer into the 'answer choices' section to create a question from previously chose responses.

How to insert a piped response into answers. 

  1. Enter as many answer options as you need. Once you have entered your answer choices position the cursor where you would like to insert the response from a previous question.
  2. Use the Insert tag button in conjunction with the selector to choose a previous response to insert.

    piping image 3

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