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Flash Video & MP3

You can insert flash and MP3 files into your question text, description and thank you screen.

To insert a video

Click video button as pictured above to access the following screen.

Video survey

Files can be uploaded using the   Browse Server   button. Once you have pressed browse server the file window window will open

Survey video

To upload a video press the  button and the browse window will open. Once you have selected the file press Upload.

Once your file has been uploaded select the file using the file window by clicking the left mouse button on the file. The file will then show in the video window. You may now change the width, height and select to auto play the video

Video survey

The player can then be customized with width, height and other options.

Select OK. This will insert the video or mp3 into your survey.

Supported Video Formats

The Player supports video in the formats listed below, with file extensions listed between braces. Please note that if a format is not on the list (e.g. WMV or AVI), the Player does not support it.

MP4 ( .mp4, .m4v, .f4v, .mov )

Files in the MP4 container format, containing video encoded with the H.264 codec and audio encoded with the AAC codec. This is today's format of choice, supporting the best video quality and hardware accelerated playback on a wide range of browsers and devices:

Internet Explorer 6/7/8 Flash mode
Firefox Flash mode (not in HTML5)
Chrome Flash, HTML5 modes
Internet Explorer 9 Flash, HTML5 modes
Safari Flash, HTML5 modes
Opera Flash mode (not in HTML5)
iOS (iPad/iPhone) HTML5, Download modes
Android Flash, HTML5, Download modes
BlackBerry Download mode

WebM ( .webm )

Files in the WebM container format, containing VP8 encoded video and Vorbis encoded audio. This format is brand new and of comparable quality to MP4. WebM is a royalty free format for HTML5 video.

FLV ( .flv )

Files in the Flash Video container, containing video encoded with either the VP6 or Sorenson Spark codec and audio encoded with the MP3 codec. FLV is an outdated format, inferior in quality to MP4 or WebM. It is also unique to Flash, hence it can only be used on the iOS (iPad/iPhone)or BlackBerry

Supported Audio Formats

The player supports audio in the formats listed below, with file extensions listed between braces. If a format is not in the list (e.g. WMA or WAV), the Player does not support it. Please note that not all browsers support these formats.

AAC ( .aac, .m4a, .f4a )

Vorbis ( .ogg, .oga )

MP3 ( .mp3 )


In addition to the traditional audio and video formats, the Player includes native support for playing back YouTube videos. YouTube playback is automatically enabled when the file option is assigned to the URL of a YouTube video.

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