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Question Editor

The question editor enables you to add and edit many different types of question. The question editor is split into the following four areas
1 Question Editor The question editor section enables you to add text, images and videos to your questions. You can format text using many different colors, fonts and styles.
The question options page are located below the text area. Each question has multiple options to change the style, add comment areas and randomize the answer order.
2 Preview

The preview button shows you how the question will look in your survey.

3 Save & Close Save and insert the question into your survey.
4 Save & Add Next >> Save changes to the question and add one below.

Question Text

Question editor
The Question area enables you to enter your the text for your question. The editor allows you to upload images using the  button.
The editor has a built in spell checker, to access this click the ABC button.
You may also add HTML here. If you are adding HTML please ensure that you do not add form elements or this will break your survey and result in errors.
See Uploading images for information on uploading images.
See Flash Video & MP3 for information on uploading videos and music.

Question type selector

The question type selector enables you to select the types of question.
Question editor

Question type Additional functions Description
Multiple Choice (Single answer) Additional comment → Comment field is an answer If this option is selected then the comment is displayed as one of the radio choices.
 Multiple Choice (Multiple answers)  Limit number of responses Since the participant can select several answers it is possible to specify a maximum and minimum number that they must select.
 Drag and drop ranking  -  -
 Star Rating  -  -
 Single Text Box  -  -
 Matrix of Choices (Single Answer)  -  -
 Matrix of Choices (Multiple Answers)  -  -
 Multiple Text Boxes  -  -
 Pictures and Text  -  -
 Order list of items  - -
Answer Choices
Once you have selected a question type you will need to specify each answer. You can enter these intot the answers area, or import the answers using a file or copy/paste from a text editor.
Enter creates and the + button create additional answers. By default Answer 1 to 3 anre entered.
Survey answer editor
Answer import area:

Each of your answers needs to be put onto a separate line.

If you have a long answer that you would like to break over several lines then you will need to use a HTML line break tag.
The HTML line break tag:

For your convenience we have included predefined groups of answers and a spell checking facility. the predefined groups can be accessed by using the -Select- drop down menu.
The following questions require both 'Column Headings' and 'Row Headings'.
  • Matrix of Choices (Single Answer)
  • Matrix of Choices (Multiple Answers)

Require Answer

Each question has a required option which may be set. With the required option set the user must enter a response for this question before continuing to the next page or finishing the survey.

It is possible to specify a custom message which will be should if the validation fails.

Additional Comment Field

Question that do not have a text input field can have an additional comments field. This additional comments field gives the participant the option to enter a text answer.

Randomize & Sort

To reduce any potential bias that may be introduced by the default order of the answers, you can randomize the questions answers. There is also an alphabetical sort function which is useful when you have a large list, for example a list of countries.


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