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Launch Survey

Links and embed codes

The Survey Launch area enables you to distribute your survey. You may either produce a link to your survey or email your survey to other using the Email Center.

Survey link

A link is the easiest way for you to collect responses. Simply paste the code into a web page and your responses will be collected.
For your convenience we provide several types of links.
  • Normal link
    • This is a standard link to your survey that you can copy then paste into your regular email, FaceBook or other social media and blackboard platforms.
  • Web Link
    • This is a HTML link that you can paste directly into your website or blog
  • Secure https://
    • This is a HTTPS secure version of the mini link. When using the secure link your participants data will be transmitted over a encrypted connection.
  • Results Link
    • This is the direct public link link to survey results. You may password protect your survey results in the Misc area of the survey settings.
  • Embedded IFrame Code
    • This embeds your survey within another web page and uses HTML IFrames.
  • Survey (opens in a new window)
    • When this HTML link is clicked it opens a new window.
  • Survey (popup box)
    • The pop-up survey uses JavaScript. to open a small window inviting the participant to take part in the survey.

Custom survey link.

Survey link

The custom survey link feature can be used to customize the URL that is generated to the survey. This is useful if you need to distribute the URL in written form. To generate a custom link a shortcut which contains alphanumeric and underscore characters only. Once you have chosen a unique shortcut to your survey the link area will turn green, you will then be able yo copy the link.

The shortcut URL is NOT case sensitive

Email center

For more information on the email center, please see the Email Center section of this document.

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